The Chalets


We offer individual care for your pet in a happy,
homely environment.

The Chalets

We have 23 chalets in total at Hopelands, 10 outdoors, undercover, and 13 which are inside. All chalets contain comfortable bedding for your cat although we do encourage owners to bring something familiar for them to have in the chalet to help your cat settle in.

Our outdoor cabins have individual thermostat heaters for those cooler days and nights. Outdoor chalets also have an exercise area - perfect for leg stretching, socialising and playing.

The indoor chalets also have individual radiators and a separate sleeping area within the unit, and are ideal for those more mature cats or perhaps those who have limited movement or injury. These chalets offer a quieter environment for the most nervous cats too.


We like to provide the cats with good quality food and do recognise the importance of following routines at home to help prevent any sickness or diet changes.

Cats are fed at times as requested by their owners and we do feed at least twice a day. If a prescription diet is required then we do ask the owners to provide this.

We have a kitchen on-site where the food is prepared, meaning we can also offer the facility of a fridge to keep fresh food and a freezer for frozen foods if you wish.

Caring For Other Pets

If you have other pets that need to be cared for while you're away, we are experienced and equipped to cater for other animals, such as small furries and a small number of dogs with details on request.

The Little Extras

Each cat is groomed daily.

We do like to have a cuddle and play time if they allow, but we of course know that your cat has their own preferences which we observe and respect.

Where we can, we will provide plastic toys which are easily sterlised between the usage of cats, however we do ask owners to bring soft toys if your cat has a favourite! This helps in preventing the transfer of any nasties and also helps your cat again settle in to their surroundings.

I myself like to look after the cats daily so I get the chance to know them individually. My husband and son are also on hand to provide extra care and support. There is someone on the premises 24/7 and all our animals are checked throughout the day, from first thing in the morning until last thing at night.


If a cat requires medication this is given free of charge, we do however like to have a note of written consent and instruction.

Booking Form

Our booking form is available to download as a PDF:

Booking form PDF format